Bonjour! At Tour de Crêpes, we are passionate about bringing our friends and family (that includes you!) on a culinary journey through one of our favourite French foods- the crepe!

Crepes are an experience on their own, taking years of time and experience to make them trèsdélicieux– very delicious. We have in-house experts who have spent years crafting this scrumptious treat, and we’re confident that you’ll love these crepes as much as we do.

But perhaps, most importantly, we are proud to use organic ingredients, with gluten free flour and dairy free products available, bringing the delicate crepe wonder to all who wish to enjoy.

Of course, crepes are a great passion of ours, but they are not everything we are passionate about. We’re happy to offer other global treats, like Turmeric Lattes, Bondi Chai, Couverture 70% Cacao (Hot Chocolate) along with milkshakes, as well as offering Raw Organic Syrups for our coffee selections, and Alkaline Water – just to name few of our tasty options.

We hope to see you soon! Au revoir pour le moment!