• Date

    First Sunday of each month

  • Time

    1PM - 4PM

  • Where

    Centre Stage



Family Fun with Presents of Mind.

If you have been wanting to purchase a new board game and you’re a little unsure where to start, this event is for you!

The game experts from Presents of Mind have a Family Game Afternoon each month on Centre Stage.  The perfect opportunity to test drive lots of different games for FREE.

You get to experiment, have fun and find new favourites for your group. If you are buying for a family, it’s a relaxed setting where you can chat to the team who can assess your family’s experience level and kid’s age range and ability level.

You can register your interest, or learn more about our Family Games Afternoons by visiting Presents of Mind facebook event here.  Or contact the store directly on T: 0414 891 010

We hope to see you there!